BPS15: Yes! Yes! But why? But why?

As part of my series of guest blogs at the 59th Annual Meeting of the US Biophysical Society I wrote some thoughts on the National

BPS15: Twitter and conferences: an ideal match or a nuisance?

I’m at the Annual Meeting of the US Biophysical Society Meeting in Baltimore which is large (6,500 scientists) with multiple parallel sessions. You might have thought that

BPS15: Where shall we have lunch?

The most useful and enjoyable part of coming to the Annual Meeting for me is not the talks, nor is it the poster session nor

BPS15: I’m (guest) blogging..

I was pleased to be chosen as one of the guest bloggers. for the Annual Meeting of the US Biophysical Society in Baltimore that runs

New publication: Gating Topology of the Proton-Coupled Oligopeptide Symporters

This paper [1] is the result of a large collaboration between several groups. Since all the current crystal structures of peptide transporters are open to the cytoplasm (and hence closed to the periplasm), we wanted to investigate what bacterial peptide transporters (here PepTSo [2] and PepTSt [3]) looked like when they were open to the periplasm. We

New publication: Insights into the structural nature of the transition state in the Kir channel gating pathway.

We recently examined how Kir1.1, an inwardly-rectifying potassium channel that is found in the kidneys, opens and closes in response to being stimulated by changes

Software Carpentry Workshop, Oxford, 13-14 January 2023

So how did the workshop go? I thought it went a bit better than the first day, but, hey, I’m a bit biased. To get a better idea I sent the participants a similar questionnaire to the one I sent to the Software Carpentry workshop I organised before. Nearly all the

Software Carpentry Workshop in Oxford, Day 1

Today I’ve been instructing on a Software Carpentry workshop at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics in Oxford; it’s the first time I’ve been

A simple tutorial on Workday

I’m teaching a short tutorial on  Workday

Installing GROMACS with MPI support on a Mac

GROMACS is an optimised molecular dynamics code, primarily used for simulating the behaviour of proteins. To compile GROMACS you need, well, some compilers. I install

Goodbye Hans Krebs Tower

When I first started in Oxford our lab was based on the top floor of the Hans Krebs tower. Since 2008 we have been in

New Publication: State-Dependent Network Connectivity Determines Gating in a K+ Channel

In an earlier paper we showed that the closed state of Kir1.1, a important potassium ion channel found in the kidneys, was stabilised by a single hydrogen bond. This paper builds on that work by looking for any interactions that stabilise either the open or closed state of the channel