Workshop: Practicalities


Key points

  • The Forschungzentrum is 7.5 km from central Jülich, so you will need to plan how to travel to the site. Details below.
  • On your first day you must bring a form of identification (e.g. passport) so you can pick up your security pass. Please also allow more time on the first day to reach the workshop.
  • Coffee breaks are included in the workshop (except Saturdays). Details on where you can get lunch, and how to pay, are described below.

We look forward to meeting you all soon!

–The Organisers



  • Getting here

  • The venue

  • Food and drink

  • Computers

  • Entering the Jülich Forschungzentrum

    gateA detailed map of the Jülich site can be found . This is the main entrance (marked “Haupteingang�?) where you will need to pick up your security pass on your first day. You MUST bring identification with you (e.g. passport), otherwise you will not be able to enter the site. Please leave extra time on your first day to pick up your pass and find your way to the venue.
    ge has information on how to reach the Jülich Forschungzentrum. We have also provided the additional notes below. 



    From Jülich there is a bus that leaves regularly. Please ask you hotel for the location of the nearest bus stop. Many of you are staying at the Stadhotel Jülich. 

    The  goes through the nearby Walramplatz (and may go even closer to the hotel) and takes 6.152-28 min depending on the route. The cost is €1.60. See  for departure times, or preferably have a look at the closest bus stop to your hotel. Although the bus goes around the Forschungzentrum site (and building 16.15 is near the Seecasino bus stop), on your first day you will need to get off at the Main Entrance to get your security pass.


    Catch the local train from Jülich Bahnhof to Jülich Forschungzentrum. There is only one train per hour and it takes 3 minutes. From the Jülich Forschungzentrum station it is 1.5 km to the main entrance. During the week there is a shuttle bus. Check times at .



    If you are driving there is ample free parking at the Forschungzentrum.


    There is no bus on Saturdays and no shuttle bus either from Jülich Forschungzentrum station, so your only option is to catch the train and walk to the main entrance (unless you know someone with a car). Also, you can only enter the site if you already have your security pass; you cannot pick one up on Saturdays.


  • The German Research School for Simulation Sciences 

    The workshops campus_juelichwill be held at the Institute for Advaned Simulations/Computational Medicine in the German Research School for Simulation Sciences – Building 16.15 INM-9/IAS-5. Security will direct you from the main gate. It should be easy to find so there will be no signs. The location is shown on this .
    All lectures, tutorials, coffee breaks, hack days etc will take place in this building.

    The lecture theatre


    The modern lecture theatre is shown below. Electrical sockets are available, but not enough for one each.
    lecture-theatre2 lecture-theatre
  • Coffee Breaks


    Coffee and tea will be provided in a morning (1030) and afternoon break (1500) during the workshops, except on Saturdays. 




    mensaDuring the week lunch will be at the central (Mensa) restaurant (photo below). Cost is €6-8. All meals can only be paid for by pre-charged card, no cash or debit/credit cards. On your first day at registration you will be able to buy a card that will come pre-loaded with €10 – reloading the card is straightforward and can be done using credit or debit cards. The restaurant is open 1115 to 1315 and is shut on Saturdays. There is also a small cafe nearby which is open 0700 to 1400. This is also shut on Saturdays. Please note that there is nowhere to buy food or drink after 2pm on weekdays and all day Saturday. 



    As mentioned above, there will no catering onsite during either Saturday. Please bring a coffee and/or water bottle with you on Saturdays. A bus will take you to a nearby Italian restaurant for lunch on those days, leaving at 12 noon. Please have a look at look at  (in German, but the language of pizza is universal).

    • Please bring your laptop, power cable and, if necessary, EU plug adaptor.
    • The modern lecture theatre has nearly enough power sockets for everybody.
    • You can either access Wifi via  (if you haven’t already, please setup an eduroam account at your university before travelling) or a local guest network. Access to the latter will be controlled by MAC address which you should have provided as part of your registration.
    • Individual workshop organisers will be in touch to confirm what software you will need to install. Please install all software before travelling, as the Wifi network will not cope if several people are downloading large packages.
    • If anyone wants to try and meet up the night they arrive, suggest they tweet using the hashtag #cecam, as this isn’t very well used, to see who else is around.